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When I left my Urologist practice that day my P.S.A. was at 3630 and I had a Gleason reading of 8. (The Gleeson scale is used for Prostate Cancer readings , simply 1 to 10 for aggressiveness of the Cancer ).

The next day I asked people who have been involved with the supplying of Vitamins for Metabolic Therapy if the Hormone Therapy which I had been on since the biopsy would be affected by the Vitamins in the Metabolic Therapy and their answer was “No”. Hormone Therapy is a synthetic drugs and the Vitamins in Metabolic Therapy is just that Vitamins, they do not affect the effects on each other.

I started to research where I could order the prescribed Vitamins for the Metabolic Therapy program. A third of the vitamins had to come from England another third came from America and the rest I could purchase from Australia. I consumed about 50 Apricot Seeds a day while I was waiting for my vitamins. The way I did this was to grind the seeds up in a coffee grinder and mix in about 6 to 7 seeds in pineapple juice as pineapple juice softens the cells so it can absorb the Apricot Seeds much easier.
I was taking this for 3 weeks while I was waiting for my Vitamins for my Metabolic Therapy to arrive. Well I had no hassles in getting the Vitamins into Australia except for the B17 / Laetrile Capsule’s ( B17 / Laetrile / Amygdalin is the pure from which is in the Apricot Seed ) . My eyes really opened up to the strangle hold that the Pharmaceuticals have in this country.

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity for my B17 / Laetrile to arrive, I contacted the supplier in America. They in turn gave me a parcel tracking number and I gave this to Australia Post. Australia Post informed me that the B17 had been in Australia at Brisbane Airport with Customs for the last 8 working days and I was livid.

I phoned up Customs for my B17 / Laetrile and informed them that they should have sent me a letter notifying me of the confiscation of my B17/ Laetrile. Brisbane Customs told me that the letter was in the mail, I replied that the letter after 8 days had not reached me yet and they said that it should have by now.

Well I was really angry so I said to them that I was going to report them to the Ombudsman and asked them for the Ombudsman phone number. Customs at Brisbane Airport did not know what an Ombudsman was. So I just said, “I give up I will find the number myself”.

About 30 minutes later I received a knock on the front door and it was the local police. They claimed that customs at the airport said that I was quite excited on the phone. I could not believe that they sent the police around because I threatened to report them to the Ombudsman.

I promptly explained the situation to the police and they apologized for the inconvenience then left. I then found out how I could retrieve my B17 / Laetrile capsules. You see, I live in Queensland it is illegal to import into Queensland, sell or traffic in B17. The only way I could get my B17 was to go to the next state New South Wales and get a doctor to sign a Therapeutic Goods Authority Permit. This permit states that there is no more help that the specialists or local doctors can do for you and that the path that you take may be the only path to for your long-term health.

In Queensland it is against the law for a doctor to sign on one of these permits and that’s why I went to New South Wales It was fortunately a short round trip, as I live on the Gold Coast. My doctor signed for it in New South Wales and faxed the permit promptly to the Therapeutic Goods Authority in Canberra who in turn faxed the permit to the Brisbane Airport for the releases of my 10 bottles of B17 / Laetrile and here’s the biggest joke. The Customs at Brisbane Airport said that they would deliver the B17 / Laetrile to my door on the Gold Coast.

Hang on; I thought that the prohibited Vitamin was not to enter Queensland. I am not bitter towards the Customs as like a puppet of the system, they are only carrying out their duties. Even more strange with the Queensland law is that it is not illegal to consume or carry the B17 / Laetrile on you in Queensland. But the question must be asked "Why is B17 / Laetrile banned in Queensland?"

You see, the way I think is that politicians are just that. What would they know about Vitamins or drugs in general. Who has gotten to them to play judge and jury? Or if you look at the big picture why is the situation like this in most states and territories in Australia?


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